Powder coatings

Primatek Coatings - supplier of a wide range powder coatings 
of high-grade quality for various industries and applications.

Auto & Transportation

Transportation defys the vehicles and their coating
in multiple ways such as extreme temperatures,
rain, snow, UV light, engine oil, abrasive wear, tear.


Industrial design has a broad variety of applications of Primacoat®.
Our coatings are available in a wide assortment of RAL colors
having a great choice of textures and gloss.
They will fit virtually for any design solution.

Interior & Furniture

Primacoat® powder coatings fit well into the requirements
of the interior design.
Our coatings are environment  friendly, durable, water
and humidity resistant, can be easily cleaned, work well
specifically in highly exploitative and traffic areas.


Stoves, refrigerators, central heating, radiators,
washing machines, air conditioners nowadays
are the part of our everyday life.
External appearance of these items must be
absolutely perfect and functional.
Primacoat® powder coatings are the most relevant
solutions for coloring of household appliances.


Primatek Factory produces specially formulated products
for agricultural, construction and earth-moving machinery.
Primacoat® products serve to minimize loss and enable
high standard product delivery with a long lasting protection
in the highly competitive market.

Consumer Electronics

Primatek Coatings can offer an extensive range of colors, textures
and special finishes to meet the current state-of-the-art technology
level thus meeting in full customers’ requirements.


Primacoat® offers an ample selection of solutions
for the construction industry.  Our products will
underline the harmony of architecture while improving
the durability of any building detail.

PRIMATEK. World of prime colours.

Primatek Coatings OU is a modern manufactory producing powder coatings of high-grade quality.
The experience in the area of powder coatings has been formed by many years of market activity.
Powder coatings of Primatek are successfully used on automated painting lines of the largest enterprises.
Experience, wide product line, know-how in application technology combined with strict guidelines and regulations give us the confidence to be a reliable partner offering full package solutions to the European customers.
We install manufacturing lines and cooperate with our clients to provide the best result of our coatings’ appliance.
We care about the clients of Primatek Coatings to achieve a final flawless result, that’s why the value of our coatings is always higher than their price.

Our advantages
  1. Price policy: we readily offer flexible individual conditions to our customers.
  2. Quality: we guarantee permanence of colors and granulometric compositions both inside one shipment and in long-term consignments.
  3. Location: we’re nearby, our factory is situated in Estonia.
  4. Marketing policy: we are ready to offer any required amount either large or small.
  5. Concern: we do care and are fully responsible for a perfect result. 
  6. Cooperation: company management is located at the factory. That allows to promptly solve any issues on behalf of a client.


  • Paint responsibly

  • It's comfortable

  • High quality standards of powder coating

  • Gives more value

    We produce and supply powder coatings for a wide range of prodacts.

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2018. 02. 26
Special powder primer to...
The Primatek R&D center has developed a special powder primer to cover automotive wheel discs.
2018. 02. 26
New corrosion protection system
The corrosion protection system of Primatek has been successfully tested.
2018. 02. 26
Primatek's R&D
Specialists of the research and development laboratory of Primatek regularly process a large...
2017. 11. 26
Swedish Association of Coloring
Primatek has entered Svensk Pulverlackteknisk förening / SPF (Swedish Association of Coloring).