Expertise Center


Primatek Training Center

Primatek Training Center was founded especially to deliver the best customer experience through promoting the world's cutting edge coating technologies on the European market.

PRIMATEK Training Center provides training for a number of programs, both for its employees and for its partners to make it possible to acquire professional expertise in the field of powder coatings at the expert level.

On the basis of its Training Center PRIMATEK helps its partners to develop a successful business strategy through improving the core expertise of the company staff in the field of powder coatings.

For its partners PRIMATEK Training Center provides an opportunity to consolidate competitive advantages - innovation, intelligence and technological experience. The educational program covers such important topics as:

  • Unique international experience
  • Improving product quality
  • Improving core expertise of the staff
  • Equipment and materials selection
  • Consulting support of the production line.

We are pleased to represent Primatek Training Center as the place where our partners and employees share the most actual technological information from the market.