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Quality Standards

Primatek is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Standard. The certificates are issued by Det Norske Veritas (DNV Certification OY/AB) company.
Primatek demonstrated its ability to provide consistently products that meet customers’ expectations. They fully comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. Our aim always is to enhance customers’ satisfaction.
PRIMATEK powder coatings are also approved by GSB International and Qualicoat (European Association for Quality Control of Paints, Varnishes and Industrial Coatings).


The quality of our products is guaranteed by:

  • Strict quality control of the raw materials.
  • Three-factor quality assurance system on all stages of production.
  • Well developed infrastructure and highly ranked team of quality professionals.



Primatek is an environmentally conscious company. We completely removed lead chromates from all our products. We do not use light stabilizers and UV absorbers that could potentially contaminate the environment with cyclic compounds.
Our environment-friendly products are solvent free.
We deliver Environment Product Declarations (EPD) to our partners and customers on a regular basis as well as verified and registered documents with the transparent and comparable data about lifecycle environmental impact of coatings pursuant to ISO 14025 Standard.



Primatek Coatings OU is a mamber of SPF.


Primatek coatings OU in Virumaa Tööstuspark was supported