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Primecoat Powders

Primatek Coatings is a reliable partner providing complex technical solutions in the field of paint and varnish coatings. We meet the requirements of our customers and offer a wide range of Primecoat™ powder paints.

For industrial producers & professional job coaters:

  • Long term delivery program based on our own stock facilities.
  • Development of specific powder according to your RAL/color palette/sample standards.
  • Stable high quality/color standards from batch to batch.
  • Possibility to produce small batches upon request.
  • High level technical support.
  • Samples and marketing catalogues for your customers.

Primecoat™ Means Reliability and Quality

  • Easy forming coatings with all types of equipment. The results are guaranteed by our strict control over the soil texture and bulk density.
  • In Primecoat™ powder coatings we have reduced content of small fractions. The improved fluidization allows small amounts of powder be applied evenly and consistently to the target surface.
  • Next generation activators improve target adhesion and significantly improve the coating protective qualities.

Primecoat™ Is Your Comfort in the World of Painting

New Formula with New Features:

  • Bright, vivid, yet inexpensive colors due to thorough balancing between the fillers and pigmentation agents.
  • Fillers for the producing of white coatings fillers are no longer used which allow achieving a new level of thin coating.
  • It became possible to combine quality with significant energy savings due to better reactivity of the new generation Primecoat™ coatings.