Company Info




  • The production begins after receiving a customer’s order. We deliver no expired or restored color or color that changed its properties during storage, including storage under hot weather conditions. Our deliveries always comply with the chosen color and other technical requirements.

No stock

  • We don't stock a large number of colors. As a result, we offer our customers a good price without high storage expenses.

Economic advantages 

  • Operating within the territory of the Republic of Estonia, Primatek enjoys significant economic advantages that help lower capital and manufacturing costs, thus cutting production costs.



Our Corporate Strategy is based on the following key principles

Attention to details

  • Primatek Coatings is very attentive to the materials we produce and supply to our customers. Nothing goes unnoticed. We know everything about our coatings. So you can get a perfect result using our materials.

Service is our main priority

  • Primatek Coatings is always ready to work on the customer’s site to ensure the best results you need. We offer solutions, not only products.
  • Primatek Coatings provides customers with a service package that includes support during all tests, assistance in selecting colors and coatings, and customizing materials for the customer's production. 
  • Technical Support of Primatek Coatings provides full after-sales support to every customer.

High quality standards

  • We know how to make powder coatings that perform perfectly on coating lines. Because of that we can achieve the best quality. Various and distinctive decorative properties of coatings enable our customers to create exceptional designs for their products.

Adding value

  • Primatek Coatings takes into account the efficiency  of its customer's businesses. We help to select the best solution according to the customer’s needs. The value created with our coatings is always greater than the price.