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Warehouse for Client's Need

2019. 02. 15

The Primatek Coatings's Sales Department of and the Customer Support Department carried out a comprehensive analysis of the structure of demand of companies in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria.
The results of the analysis allowed to form a warehouse program for 2019.
Knowledge of customer needs is a guarantee of the correct warehouse of Primatek Coatings.
In stock, Primatek Coatings are always only in-demand coatings and there are no unclaimed residues.
Here the client will always find the coverage he needs.

Primatek Coatings products are shipped from three warehouses in Narva (EST),  Vantaa (FIN) and Anderstorp (SWE).

Warehouse program in 2019 will allow Primatek to quickly supply coatings to both current and new customers.