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Primecoat Series 29 was approved by GSB International

2018. 12. 19

Yet another Primatek Coatings’ products - PrimecoatTM 29 -  are approved by GSB International.
PrimecoatTM 29 – polyester powder coating for industrial and architectural applications with smooth glossy or  matte surface. Gloss level for PrimecoatTM 29 smooth matte: 10-40 (acc. to DIN EN ISO 2813/60° angle).  Сolour shades:  mainly RAL and NCS shades; also special domestic shades on request.
Primecoat 29 powder coatings significantly expand the possibilities of using powder coatings to create a unique appearance and product design.

PrimecoatTM 29 advantages

  • Our paint fully meets the specified quality requirements.
  • We only use safe and environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • Very good mechanical properties.
  • Good appearance.
  • Better qualitative properties when applied; enhanced flow.
  • High storage stability.
  • GSB approval.