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Special effects

Powder coatings with ability to create spectacular special effects and more vibrant finish that lasts longer than traditional wet paint.

Series 97

Technical Data Sheets

High quality

Metal constructions, sports inventory, doors, handrails, etc.

Surface and color:
• Smooth glossy surface 80-95 *
• Smooth semi-glossy surface 55-65 *
• Smooth matte surface 20-35 *
• Matte fine structure (moire)
• Glossy rough structure (shagreen)
* according to ISO 2813, 60" angle

• Metallics (silver, gold, copper, chrome, etc.)
• Antiques (silver, copper, bronze on various color bases)
• “3D effects” series
• Color anodizing imitation
• Other special effects

Series 99

Technical Data Sheets

High quality

Metal furniture, partitions, hanged ceiling panels, metal furniture, elevators, shelves, metal toys, etc.

• Metallica of various structure (silver, gold, copper, chrome)
• Antiques (silver, copper, bronze on various color bases)
• Hammer enamels, mixes, fluorescent lacquers

• Possibility of low temperature curing
• Very good mechanical properties
• High flow
• Multiple decorative effects