Interior Design & Furniture

Primatek's powder coatings meet well the requirements of the interior design.

With Primatek Coatings products, you do not have to accept any compromises in surface aesthetics.
The world of furniture is design driven. Primatek powder coating enable furniture manufacturers combine both aesthetics and functionality. Whenever you need an exceptionally durable and easy-to-maintain product finish, Primatek powder coatings will easily deliver customized solutions. Primatek  coatings do not scratch, fade or rust  and is unaffected by snow, rain, hot sun and other extreme weather conditions.
These coatings are specifically environment friendly, durable, can be easily cleaned, work well in high traffic areas. They are water and humidity resistant, visually attractive.
Primacoat™ is a good solution for furniture, interior details, doors, windows, fireplaces, garden furniture.
Our coatings have the ideal color palette that matches Design Catalogs for Furniture and Interior Designs. We also offer coatings for special purpose furniture, such as medical and office furniture.