Auto & Transportation

Primatek Coatings has a wide range of innovative products to meet the specific demands of the automotive market.

Primatek powder coatings are highly protective for the environment. They does not contain solvents releasing minute quantity of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.
The vehicles and their coating exposed to service challenges in multiple ways, such as extreme temperatures, rain, snow, UV light as well as machine oil and abrasive wear and tear. We offer supreme corrosion protection that covers all parts of the vehicles from wheel rims and bumpers to windows and roof railings.

Our experienced team can deliver high-performance products to meet the needs of agricultural, construction and earth moving equipment (ACE) manufacturers. In addition to being durable, Primatek powder coatings are an attractive choice due to environmental advantages. Primatek can satisfy all coating needs to help our customers achieve their  economic, environmental and production benefits.