Architecture & Construction

Primatek Coatings offers a wide selection of solutions for the construction industry.

Durable powder coatings of Primatek provide an optimal combination of corrosion protection and decoration. Primatek  powder coatings are ideal finish for external applications where UV stability and weather resistance are essential. With durable Primatek powder coatings, all types of surfaces will be protected from moisture and corrosion. They will serve you for many more years.
Our products will underline the harmony of architecture, while improving the durability of any building detail.
Our selection of options includes opaque, glossy and metallic coatings.
Professional and universal installation scenarios are developed for the each unique customer. We offer careful and balanced approach between production of coating at the factory and performing work at customers’ location.
We guarantee the quality of our solutions by complying with the International Architectural standards, such as AAMA, GSB and Qualicoat as well as environment-friendly, solvent-free installations.